The Difference

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By specializing exclusively in English to French translation, the Transletters team has dedicated our talents to bringing your campaigns, messages, brochures, year-end reports, financial briefs, web sites, catalogues and products to the French Canadian/Québécois market for over 30 years.

Unlike most translation agencies, Transletters also offers a unique blend of old school credentials and new school savvy. Here’s where we name-drop a few other stars born in 1982. Our team represents the traditional values of, say, Duchess Kate and Prince William with our respect for language with lineage, pedigreed grammar, sober elegance and old world education.

What keeps our translations fresh, however, can be captured by a symbol that leaps language barriers in a single bound: the smiley emoticon, also born in 1982. :) The stripped-down potency of these little punctuation marks illustrates Transletters’ knack for effective communication as technology evolves at a dizzying pace. From the earliest version of email to social media and smartphones, emoticons transform text, conveying tone and intent no matter what language we’re speaking. Without smileys, simple statements can easily be misinterpreted. Like emoticons, Transletters is here to help. <3

Clever analogies aside, Transletters has built an extensive library of resources including terminologies, glossaries, vocabularies, translation memory software and industry-specific dictionaries to ensure that your message is conveyed clearly, on time and on budget, to your target market.

Get in Touch

Transletters is built on relationships. Our customer-centric team members are always available to discuss the status of your project, to provide pricing and information on our services, and to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We respect deadlines and we are not satisfied until you are.