English to French Translation

We provide fully customized, professional English to French translation services for texts as diverse as advertising and packaging to policies and procedures, from scripts and magazine articles to annual reports and technical specifications. You name it, we translate it. Language is about connection and we are the bridge between your English text and the French-speaking audience you want to reach.
Our subject matter experts and broad knowledge base guarantee that your translation will be completed by a tenured professional who understands your copy and its target. Our dynamic team is well-versed in the latest translation software to ensure consistent client terminology and to archive client-specific databases. We take client confidentiality seriously: we use dedicated protected servers and our team works under a non-disclosure agreement. This ensures that your documents are safe with us. Our satisfied clients appreciate the attention and care Transletters dedicates to each project, coupled with our superior understanding of clients’ objectives within the French Canadian marketplace.

Some agencies strictly translate the words on a page. At Transletters, we offer a unique, premium service tailored to the needs of creative copy. Taglines, mottos, branding, jingles, glamour copy – these texts provide a particular challenge for translators. Our teams’ collaborative mojo produces savvy translations that take into account documents as a whole, including tone, target market and use of colloquialisms. If your marketing artisans spent a month around a table crafting a dazzling campaign, you want a translation that gives you the same return on your investment in the Francophone market. Rest assured that with our conceptual translation savoir faire, your message will reach your audience with the style, terminology and nuance required to get results.


Every document that crosses our desks is revised by a second set of eyes. This service is included in our quote for your project. Drawing on the strengths of two professionals to complete your project ensures the accuracy, consistency and quality of your translation.
If your translation is formatted, we highly recommend a final proofreading before going to print. The wrong spacing, typographical mistakes or missing punctuation are common mishaps that occur during the lay-out process, more often than you think. Such errors affect your professional image in the Francophone market and are easily avoided by our proofreading stage. Let us make sure your message shines.